Kaydee Bennett, Texas Travelers Gold, 469-766-2321
Kaydee Bennett uses her strong work ethic, her positive attitude, and her dedication to thrive in most every aspect of her life. She comes from a stable family, is the oldest sister of two younger brothers: Drew and Daniel, and is the daughter of Kyle and Melissa Bennett.
Kaydee attends Sunnyvale High School, participates in UIL and STEM academics, maintains an 'A' average in all advanced/honors coursework, ranks academically in the top 15% of her class, and has a high rate of success as a multiple sport athlete at Sunnyvale High School in multiple varsity athletics as a freshman and as a Travelers-Gold Team member.

Kaydee pushes herself to contribute to her school and to the community through her involvement in National Honor Society , UIL Academics, STEM-Computer Science, and Athletics.
Kaydee believes the Lord gives everyone unique gifts and abilities, and she feels these talents should be used to grow individually and to improve the community and/or team.

Some accomplishments and awards for Kaydee Bennett include:


-National Junior Honor Society

-All 'A' honor roll student in all classes for past years, as well as for the current school year, which were all honors/advanced/accelerated courses

-STAAR "Masters Level" student, scoring in the top 10% statewide on all standardized state assessments in all subjects for past years and for the 2016-2017 school year.

-1st place in the home to first running event at the softball nationals in Branson, MO summer 2016, competing against 120+ girls her age or girls one year older from across the US

- 1st place in all multi-heat individual running events in EVERY track meet for the entire 2016-2017 school year which included: the 100 meter and 200 meter dash

- 1st or 2nd place in the long jump and triple long jump for EVERY track meet for the entire 2016-2017 school year

-1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in all
team/relay events for all meets in the 2016-2017 school year, running as anchor leg in the: 4x100 relay, 4x200 relay, and 4x400 relay

-District Finalist Award and state qualifier for all participating track and field events including:4x400 relay,4x200 relay, and 4x100 relay, as well as the long-jump and the triple long-jump field events

-MVP 7th Grade Raider Volleyball Athlete of the Year Award

-MVP 7th Grade Track and Field Athlete of the Year Award

-MVP Sunnyvale Middle School 7th Grade Overall Athlete of the Year Award

-Star hitter for the Texas Travelers Gold Team: Kaydee consistently and currently acts as one of the leaders in her batting average and her on base percentage for her select softball team

-Selected and played for the 12U-USA ASA Junior Olympics-Southwest Region Blue Team at the ASA Hall of Fame, in Oklahoma City, August 2017, playing short-stop, and her team earning 2nd in the nation.

-Kaydee was one of four girls running in the “Home to Home Relay Event” at the 12U USA ASA Junior Olympics. Her relay team placed first out of all participating teams in August 2017. Kaydee ran home to first in 2.6 seconds leading off her relay team.


- Kaydee continues her work as a National Junior Honor Society Student

-Academic A/B Honor Roll in all honors/advanced/high school courses as an 8th grader

- Kaydee scores in the top 10% for STAAR EOC Algebra 1 as an 8th grade honor student

- 1st place in district track meet running anchor in all of the following: 4 x 100, 4 x200, and 4x 400, and 2nd in district in long jump and triple long jump

-Offensive Player of the Year in Volleyball

-MVP of Lady Raider Track and Field for Sunnyvale Middle School

-Overall Lady Raider Athlete of the Year for 2017-2018 at Sunnyvale Middle School
For excelling at all A team sports in basketball,volleyball, and track and field

-Varsity volleyball athlete as a freshman

-UIL Academics- Computer Science Award November Invitational

-Fall 2018-2nd All District-Outside Hitter for Varsity Volleyball (as a Freshman)

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