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Josh Deaton
Josh Deaton has spent over 15 years in the Automotive Business. He has held just about every title in the Dealership. He was voted as “The Best Of The Best” by one the leading Automotive Companies in the World in 2006. He understands the 2 most important aspects that Dealerships face everyday, “Repeat and Referrals”. Josh is committed to helping dealerships build more Value in themselves and give their customers the “WOW Experience” that they are looking for.
James Shaefer
James Schaefer spent 15 years on the service side in the Automotive World before developing and owning several customer service companies. He has served as a Corporate Executive with an International Marketing and Advertising Company gaining access to the World’s Leaders in Customer Satisfaction.
Bill Stitzel
Big Guns has spent 30 years in the creative marketing arena working in both the advertising agency and corporate sectors. He has been the Senior Creative Director/Chief Creative Officer for major corporations including EDS, The Southland Corporation, Fossil, and Mary Kay Cosmetics. He has directed large teams in the formation of national and international award winning marketing design programs.
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