100% Digital Marketing Solution

DigitalMaxx allows every one of your customers to tell other potential buyers that you have great customer service, fantastic prices, and exceptional products and services. DigitalMaxx is the 100% Digital Online Marketing and Advertising Program that produces results.

DigitalMaxx utilizes the power of Web 2.0 to market to THOUSANDS of potential buyers by turning your current customers into a Digital Mouthpiece for your company. DigitalMaxx gives you power to dominate your Market Area Digitally..

DigitalMaxx will have the competition scratching their heads as well!

Applying the business and common sense principles; the DigitalMaxx Program captures the Excitement of your customers taking delivery of their new purchase and still allows them to market your business to the world. Once again your competition isn’t doing any of this because they are not planning for the future.

DeliverMaxx's unique approach rescues the dealership by providing access to our exceptional Patent-Pending program which delivers outstanding instantaneous measurable results.

DigitalMaxx is simple and easy to use.
Best of all; it is completely 100% custom for each client we serve.

DigitalMaxx - 100% Digital Marketing Solution

DeliveryMaxx provides comprehensive training and personalized support for your customized online marketing program.

Key Results Include:

  • Greater Employee Retention
  • Dramatic Increase in CSI Scores
  • Increase Sales
  • Large Social Media Presence (SMM)
  • Significantly Increases Repeat Business
  • Additional Revenue for Fixed Operations
  • Powerful Increase in Store Branding and Exposure
  • Remarkable Increase in Positive Online Reviews (ORM)
  • Increase in Referrals to both Fixed and Variable Operations
  • Impressive Increase in Search Engine Website Relevance (SEO)

If you want to be a step ahead of your competition, contact DeliveryMaxx today and let us develop your Inclusive Digital Marketing Program for you.

The results from
"Digital Word of Mouth"
will astound you!