Whether you are a HVAC, Plumber, or General Repair company, your customers are checking you out on the internet. Usually, the reviews on the internet are either bad or fake and either one means a loss in revenue for you and your company.

DeliveryMaxx has a solution for you, and will customize a program that allows you to have a strong reputation utilizing our Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Program sharing why the consumer should choose your business over the rest.

DeliveryMaxx provides Strategic Solution providing our clients with social media marketing, online reputation management, search engine optimization, customer loyalty, and retention strategically initiated to achieve real measurable results. DeliveryMaxx utilizes our proprietary software and patent pending programs to help companies maximize their effectiveness positively influencing consumer behavior.

Expected Results

  • Increase Sale for Services
  • Strengthen Branding
  • Establish Stronger Loyalty
  • Provide Additional Revenue for Special Services
  • Build upon Publish Positive Online Reviews
  • Strategic Marketing & Public Relations Program
  • Online Reputation Alerts & Response